New video! My figurine collection.

I haven’t filmed and edited a video in over a year so I forced myself to practice today and made this in a couple of hours. It’s very shaky and badly timed but it was fun getting myself back into things and I’m feeling inspired to film again.

Here’s a bonus picture of Jiji in his axolotl hat:

Quest! Board Game Café, Leicester

A couple minutes walk from the city centre is Leicester’s first ever board game café and a chilled out sanctuary from busy city life.

Upstairs is the retail section, where you can purchase games, TCGs, dice, etc. There’s a gorgeous DnD area, covered in leaves and flowers to help set the mood for your DnD adventure. You’re hidden behind red velvet curtains where you and your team can relax and enjoy your campaign in privacy.

Downstairs is the café and a large area where you can play board games for as long as you like for a reasonable seat hire. As you walk down the spiral staircase you are greeted with an entire wall space housing over 100 games to choose from and good amount of tables to seat small and larger groups of friends.

Parents will be pleased to know that there is a child friendly soft play area, with games that are appropriate for children and Quest! frequently holds kid-friendly events and are available for parties!

The café itself has a delicious array of vegan treats, including The Ultimate Brownie by my friend Karyn of Chocoholic Leicester. The coffee is incredible, there’s loads of plant milk on offer and a menu for those who want a nice lunch with their game. All tea is Fair Trade and Quest! pride themselves on being environmentally friendly.

Quest! always has events on, including their LFG night, where you can turn up and make friends, plays games and try something new. Keyforge tournaments and TCG nights seem to be a popular choice for customers! The staff are friendly, the shop is really cool and staff are able to take special orders for you if there’s a game you’d like that’s not on the shelf.

I highly recommend Quest! It’s something that Leicester has needed in a long time and I can already tell that they’re building a happy, inclusive and safe community. 10/10.